Galleri Fredslund - see the different themes in Kirsten Fredslund Jaeger's paintings.
PAINTINGS - "Art is not a question of what you can see, but what you can make others see - Edgar Degas

My paintings are mostly in happy colors and in range from 20 x 20 cm to 170 x 120 cm (8 x 8 in to 67 x 48 in)

I start by adding layers of different colors with brushes and then I work a lot further with my spartles.

Often when I start painting, I have a thought about what the painting is about to end and how I get to the results, but during the process, thoughts may have influenced me so the result will be a lot different from what I had in mind.
Therefore, process time can quickly move from a few days to several weeks, from start to finish.

Most of my paintings with thin iron frame - see description here.

Below and in the top menu you find link to the different types. You also find a complet overview of my sold paintings.
All the paintings shown are described with materials, sizes and prices.

Abstract painting
Crayon in frame
Painting with ladies
Landscape painting