Gallery Fredslund - Kirsten Fredslund Jaeger is member of Artmoney.
ARTMONEY - "Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Albert Einstein

Artmoney is a unique original artwork produced by an artist who is registered artmoney artist. Artmoney must follow fixed game rules, made by “Artmoney artists” from the whole world and has a fixed value of DKR 200 (USD 30/EUR28) a fixed size of 12 x 18 cm (4,7 x 7,1 in) and shall be certified with number, year and signature on the back

Artmoney evolved from an idea of Danish artist Lars Kræmmer in the late 1990s. Inspired by lack of money and the desire to get out of our traditional way of thinking about economy, he created a new currency in the form of small individual works of art. Today, Artmoney is spread around the world and Artmoney can be used as payment in almost 300 shops, companies, hotels and cafes. There are over 500 registered Artmoney artists all over the world.
At the same time Artmoney has become a collectible among art lovers.
Artmoney is purchased at an advantageous price and can be used as hostess gifts, friends gift and the like

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Artmoney, abstract
Artmoney, figure, tusch
Artmoney, red lady
Artmoney, red door
Artmoney, black&white, tusch