Gallery Fredslund - gift card, cards for presents, brochure and books.
MATERIAL - "If you could say it in words, there was no need to paint" - Edward Hopper
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Gift card
Give a gift card to the one you love and would like to have a nice memory. The gift certificate may be used for full or partial payment of painting in Gallery Fredslund

The gift card can NOT be disclosed to 3rd person without contacting Gallery Fredslund, as the card is registered to the recipient of gift cards.
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Small card 10,5 x 7,5 cm (4.1 x 2.9 in) to lay by present.

Big card 21 x 15 cm (8.3 x 5.9 in) to write a larger greeting.

Pictures on cards are chosen from some of my paintings
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Comtemporary Art of Excellence
"Contemporary Art of Excellence Vol. 1" is an overview of selected artists who participated in Global Art Agencys (GAA) exhibitions. GAA is an English organization organizing art exhibitions, primarily around Europe.

Click on the book and see my page.

Text from the book:
”I paint the essence of impressions from travels in Italy, Spain and New York. Landscape paintings your imagination can play and compose with. The color presented as a separate layer of the composition. The tone is warm and summery and the impression is peaceful harmonious - with puzzles. The gates serve as transition points in both literal and figurative sense and leads to an unknown world. Invite to travel to places that are recognizable from imagination or own world. The summer heat is sensed in the painting, the air vibrates and is filled with the scent of lavender and thyme. And tou yearn...”
Kunsten at leve på en sten
"The Art of Living on a Rock" was published in 2012 by the Association of The Homeless Friends in Esbjerg and is a cookbook that alternates between simple but good food recipes and pictures of artists who have donated a work to the association's auction at

Click on the book and see the picture I donated to the auction.
101 Kunstnere
"101 artists" show a wide selection of Denmark's many talented painters, sculptors, potters, glass artists and installation artists. The editor is Jyllands Posten's art analyst and Kunstavisen's editor - Tom Joergensen.

The main point behind "101 artists" is to show how many talented artists are found around the country. It can be purity talents, like tanned veterans. It may be autodidact, as an academic graduate. It may be painters with strong and expressive brush strokes, and they may be pottery with a nice aesthetic form. No matter what, they are all skilled artists.

"101 artists" want to get the individual reader to discover the art of amazing world without heavy theoretical dissertations hanging over his head.

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