Galleri Fredslund | Kirsten Fredslund Jaeger | artist that loves to paint landscapes and abstract.
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Painting with landscape
My place in cooperation Atelier 12B
Kirsten Fredslund Jaeger
Welcome to Galleri Fredslund where you enter a universe of colorful paintings.
For the most part, I paint scenery on my canvases, but in the last year I have painted a little more abstract art.
But whether it's scenery or abstract, it's the essence of impressions and colors from traveling in Italy, Spain, China and New York I paint.
You can see all my different works under Paintings and read more about techniques

Furthermore you find photos and description about my Other works - Artmoney, Bronze, Emoticons and carving in stone.

You find a section about current, coming and completed under Exhibitions - see photos from Artifact Gallery, NY

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At last but not least there's information about me and my paintings, and how to get in contact with me under About

I hope you like what you can see on these pages - which represent most of my world of painting - and should you have questions please contact me
I wish everyone a nice day and hope you will enjoy looking at my paintings.

Yours sincerely
Kirsten Fredslund Jaeger
"Art is basically a yes to life" - Friedrich Nietzsche